We hear stories all the time. If we are at home, at work, or at school, there’s a story. It’s the essential method to share something with others. We have an inherent need to talk about what happens in our life. Of course, who we share with depends on our inner feelings and perceptions. The same goes with a brand. A brand has to tell a story.

Here are 3 essential tips to do just that:

#1 Simple Language

Remember how you talked when you were 12? It may be a blast from the past, but that’s what you need. Only simple words works well when you are speaking. Your audience can follow simple words. If you’re not speaking that’s okay too.

If you are writing, your sentences should be 14 words or less. If you keep it short, your reader can follow your logic. Avoid run-on sentences, because they lose everyone. I know that’s not always possible, but do try.

Action: Practice writing school essays or emails in the simplest language possible with sentences having 14 words or less.

#2 Pick a Relevant Medium

There are various mediums whether it’s an infographic, article, or a video, and where you share that story.

Video has become an important way to convey messages. People are too busy to read lengthy articles. A 2 minute video can create a viral story. If you aren’t confident with videos, then you should face the unknown.

Of course, we’re not ignoring other means.

We love writing articles and blogs, so we will always do that. It’s nice to spell out everything on paper after collecting our thoughts. Perhaps, you may find it meaningful to write out your thoughts like we do. Other times, you may find talking it out has a greater impact.

A town hall meeting with your audience can achieve you a lot of engagement. Or, a meeting over coffee does the same thing too, right?

Action: Use a medium which you have never used before, and create a story.

Remember, you may need to replicate this message across different mediums and channels.

#3 Define a Message and Emotion

Here, you need to define a message and the reaction that you want from your followers. In other words, the message has to be relevant to your followers to evoke the emotion you want. For example, you may want your followers to feel relief knowing they are using your services.

Action: Define what emotion you want your followers to have, and decide upon the message to get it.

Now a little secret that we thought we would let you in on: a logo is really important in your branding and messaging. It’s a visual cue that your followers will associate with your brand. Part of that association is emotional. Make sure your logo talks for your brand!

There you have it, 3 essentials for brand storytelling. You will surely need other essentials, but these 3 core ones should get you off to a quick start.


Key Takeaway

To create the brand, you need to tell a story behind it. You need to chose the best way to share that story, and the emotions that you want your audience to feel. The story should have a clear message that you can replicate across various mediums if required.

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