Instagram is expanding the ability to share links in stories to all accounts, which is accomplished via the use of new link stickers. All Instagram accounts can now share links in stories, a feature that was previously reserved for verified and high-follower accounts. This marks the first time that link sharing on Instagram is available everyone.

New updates to the Facebook Business Suite. The latest updates to the Facebook Business Suite will streamline the ad creation process and provide business owners with new insights. The list of changes includes: Ability to create Instagram-only ads on desktop, New insights to help measure ad performance, Recommendations on audience targeting, Recommendations on campaign optimizations and Easy access to official best practices.

Facebook is changing the ad creation process in Ads Manager to better align campaign objectives with traditional marketing goals such as awareness, site traffic, leads, or sales. The 11 goals businesses were previously asked to choose from are being consolidated into three: Automated Ads, Create an Ad, Boost Existing Content.

Appointment bookings on Facebook are now available globally. Facebook is gradually rolling this feature out to all small businesses globally. Small business owners can receive and manage appointments from new and existing clients using their Facebook page. The ability to book appointments is being offered at no added cost to businesses.

Finally Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Going forward, the Facebook suite of apps will belong to a separate division of the company. Another division will be created for all work on future platforms. The existing apps are now a second in priority, as Zuckerberg declares his company is metaverse-first, but Facebook is not going anywhere, so no need to panic!

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