Conversion Leads is a new option for an ad set’s delivery, that uses Facebook’s Conversions API to improve the overall quality of the lead. Here’s a simple breakdown: Leads optimized to quantity, giving you the highest volume of leads for your budget. This was how Lead Generation campaigns previously functioned by default. Conversion Leads use signals from your backend data to serve ads to users more likely to be a more quality conversion.

Anyone can fill out a form and be a Facebook Lead, but whether the Lead is of value to your business depends on how it progresses through your sales funnel. Leads can become Prospects, Customers, etc. which happens after the lead is created, usually in a CRM system. By connecting your CRM system to Facebook via the Conversions API (CAPI) you can send those funnel stages back to Facebook for tracking and optimization purposes. Instead of optimizing to volume, you can optimize for the types of leads that mean more to your business. Aim for quality, not quantity.

Facebook recommend a number of best practices when creating a lead generation form. Choose higher intent lead forms instead of more volume. Higher intent forms ask users to submit more information about themselves rather than being quick to fill out on all devices. This will ensure people want to do business with you.

Call after completion

Instead of choosing a call to action such as visiting the website, select call business, this option allows people to call you ASAP and reduce the lead time between submission and follow up, which can be days sometimes.

Flexible form delivery for chat in messenger

You can convert leads into automated chats after a lead form submission is received. This option could increase volume, conversion rate, and overall quality by tailoring to the user’s optimal experience.

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