From the Loch Ness Monster to Bigfoot, we’ve all grown up around myths and folklore. But it’s not just creatures like Nessie that become the stuff of legends. The world of marketing is rife with many myths of its own, particularly surrounding content marketing.

Today, we’re busting some of these content marketing myths to show you exactly what so many businesses are doing wrong and how you can make your marketing legendary. And all without an Abominable Snowman or loch-dwelling monster in sight:

Content marketing is only for B2C

A common content marketing myth is that it’s only for those B2C companies. If you exist in any other space, content just won’t work for you so don’t waste your time. Right? Wrong. Any business can – and should – have a digital content strategy. Digital content and content marketing is, essentially, storytelling and every business has a story – you just need to find yours.

Anyone can write content

To paraphrase 90’s boyband Boyzone, it’s only words…how hard can it be? The next myth, and a common mistake businesses make, is thinking that anyone can quickly cobble together some content and it’ll do the job. In reality, you should be turning to the experts.

From creating engaging stories – sometimes out of very little – to managing a content calendar, digital content marketing is an art. You’d go to an expert if you needed a plumber; the same should be said for your content strategy.

Text-based content is enough

Another common myth is that ‘content’ just looks at the words on the page when in reality, text-based content isn’t enough. Buzzsumo analysed over 1 million articles and found that those with images every 75-100 words received double the social shares than those with fewer images.

Eye-tracking studies from Nielsen also show that where articles feature images, readers spend more time looking at those than they do reading the text on the page. Basically, the visual content that supports your text matters. Video, images, and infographics do more than break up the text – they bring content to life!

ROI is measured only in clicks

This content marketing myth is two-fold: some people believe you can’t track it at all (wrong), and others think you should measure ROI in clicks. Again, wrong. Click through rate (CTR) tells you how many people have visited your website or landing page, but not what they did when they were there.

CTR is only half the story. Those visitors could have clicked on your link and bounced straight off your site. You could track newsletter downloads, time on site, purchases. You could use heat-mapping to monitor exactly where visitors are looking on the page to see what appeals to them the most. In fact, there are many, many things you can – and should – track with your content marketing… just ask us – we know a few.

Having a blog is enough

Another content marketing myth far too many people believe is that simply having a blog is enough. Digital content covers so much more than a blog. It’s your website content, email newsletter, social media posts – content marketing touches so much and your strategy should cover all areas.

If you’re marketing your business, content should be part of your strategy. Why not speak to us today, about how digital content can help you.

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