If you’d like to know the fully researched and genuine secrets to increase your visibility on Linkedin, you’re in the right place. 

LinkedIn isn’t just an online resume, it is a social network. It’s time to stop lurking on LinkedIn and draw attention to your profile by exploiting the algorithms the platform employs to rank your posts and content. LinkedIn might not have the loud swagger of Instagram or TikTok but it’s a powerhouse platform ripe for lead generation, marketing, relationship forming and career-building.

Most insights about LinkedIn only go surface level – we’re going deeper, by uncovering the fact based, algorithm friendly, LinkedIn secret tips that you’ve (probably) never heard of before…

Post frequency 

For the first time, the same content creator can show up with 3-4 posts in the same scroll.

Publishing a new post within 18 hours from a previous post will negatively impact the growth of both posts by -15%.

Publishing 2 new posts with 18 hours of a previous 2 posts will negatively impact of all 3 post by -30%.

The first 90 minutes

Reach in the first 8 hours is based on engagement in the first 90 minutes after publishing.

Growth over multiple days is based on engagement received between the first 90 minutes and 8 hours.


Post selfies (in personal posts) to deliver 3 x more engagement and up to 2.5x more reach.

(Great, more selfies!)

Ideal post length

Ideal text post length is between 1,200 and 1,600 characters.

(It’s Social Media, not Social Readia!)

Engage with others 

After you have published your post, make sure you stick around to engage with at least 3 posts from your network – +20% reach.

Optimal posting times

Monday 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 8am – 11am
Wednesday 9am – 11am
Thursday 8am – 11am
Friday 1pm – 3pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm
Sunday 1pm – 3pm

Don’t edit or comment first

Don’t edit your post within the first 10 minutes. This results in a 10%-40% reduction in reach.

Don’t comment on your post first. This reduces reach by 20%.

Best post types

Document Posts – 2.2 to 3x more reach

Polls – 2.1 to 2.9x more reach

Carousel Post – 1.8 to 2.3x more reach

Text + Multiple Pictures – 1.2 to 1.6x more reach

Worst Post Types

Video Posts – 0.5 to 0.8x of average reach.

Posts with 1 External Link – 0.4 to 0.5x of average reach.

Posts with 2+ External Links – 0.2 to 0.4x of average reach.


Including links in your post will destroy your reach. Don’t do it.

Selfies (again)

Include a picture of yourself on one of the slides in a document post.

This will increase reach by up to 80-90% (!)


The best performing polls have only 2 answer options.

Polls with 4 answer options get up to 30% less reach.

The best duration is one week.

Choosing 2 weeks will generate more views but less votes per 1,000 views.

(Polls suck).

External Links

Share the link one hour after posting as a comment (no penalty).


Edit your post and add a link an hour (or more) after posting (-10%).

Video Posts

Captioned videos outperform non-captioned by 35% on reach and 25% on engagement.

Use native video (i.e. upload to Linkedin)

Use Square Format (i.e. 1080p x 1080p).

Videos where you play the lead role will yield better results compared to videos with other people (-40%) or that have no people in it at all (-75%).


Use 3 hashtags. No more, no less.

Number of # – Reach Rate

0# – 68%
1# – 86%
2# – 92%
3# – 100%
4# – 98%
5# – 96%
6# – 92%
7# – 88%
8# – 82%
9# – 76%
10# – 64%
>11# – <60%


Commenting on your post can either help or harm the growth of your post, depending on the timing.

Posting the first comment on your own post will slow down growth.

Reply to all comments in the first hour after publishing = +20% more growth.

Every comment you receive will increase the reach of your post by 4% in your own network, and 3% in the network of the person that commented.

Adding multiple comments (2 – 4) as an Author, after 24 hours, will relaunch the post in the feed of all contributors, leading to +25% extra growth.


If you are a creator (minimum two posts a week), and you stop posting for more than a month. the first 4 – 5 posts will receive about 30% less reach than before.

So just never, ever stop.

Tagging yourself

Tagging yourself in the original post does not impact reach or engagement.


1. Post once per 18 hours

2. Respond to comments for the first hour

3. Add selfies to text posts

4. Write 1200 – 1600 characters

5. Engage with 3 posts after posting

6. Post 9am weekdays, 1pm weekends

7. Don’t edit your posts

8. Don’t comment first

9. Document Posts, Polls, Carousels and Text+Multiple pictures perform best.

10. Videos perform worst.

11. No external links in your posts.

12. Videos must be captioned.

13. Use 3-5 hashtags

14. Add 2-4 new comments after 24 hours

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